therme vals

so what did i do with steve and his mom? just got one of the bests spas in switzerland! what else? it's actually a very beautiful place. Therme Vals (http://www.therme-vals.ch/?__locale=en) was revamped up by Peter Zumthor, a native of switzerland. he does amazing things with simple materials like wood, concrete, glass and metal. you can see how he plays with light in this building too. it was so serene to walk in the building.

and don't me started on our seven course meals,

the views from our rooms,

the rooms,

the beds and the chopard toiletries,

the chocolates made fresh daily that were placed in a silver bowl,

and the terry cloth robes...

it was really an amazing time. and to be able to share it with special people made it even better.


scheduling at sci-arc has always been, how do i put this, fluid. sometimes things happen, sometimes they don't, sometimes there are a million things happening at one time. the whole studio was supposed to go to therme vals on tuesday and that's where i was supposed to meet up with steve and his mom, but when that field trip got canceled i decided to get to zurich, where steve and steve's mom,marie, were at, a day early. steve was going to get in that evening, i was going to get there in the afternoon, but marie had arrived early that morning. so i thought, since i'm here and marie's here we should hang out and get to know each other a little bit better.

so while i was trying to enjoy the view, i was on my cell phone trying to call marie. it was seriously a race against time. i didn't know how long these views would last before we would enter a tunnel and i would lose all connection. so i got to know the staff at the golden arch hotel (which sounds like a mcdonalds, b/c there was a mcdonalds attached to it) prettty prettty prettty well. i called atleast 10 times asking to be transfered to marie's room.

anyways to make a long story short, we met up at around 2pm, walked around zurich, which i would still like to explore, had tea, shared some chocolates, and exchanged stories. she's a pretty amazing woman. 4 kids, 5 grandkids, she's got a master's degree in public health and she's traveled the world. i have to say that i was kind of nervous to hang out the whole day with her, but it turned out to be a pretty cool day and i'm glad we got that time.

later that evening we met steve at the zurich hauptbahnhof... and this was just the beginning of my adventures with steve and marie...
it's been a while since i've actually posted, this thiing called school got in the way... j/k. but it got busy... these are just a few images from the tuscan countryside of siena... it really was beautiful.

i kinda miss it now...

a famous town bath, you're not allowed to go in b/c you'd probably get something nasty...

a monkey grinder!!! this town, has the best gelato ever! grapefruit champagne... YUM!!

scootin' in siena!

scooter posse

the duomo in siena. one of the most beautiful that i've seen. it was just so different from all the other ones that i've been in.

here's the group minus jonathan. we think he was below us roaming the piazza below. not totally sure why he wasn't there... you all know who i am, but from left to right is leili, ross, kari, steph, jody, lisa and yoolee

yoolee is the best model ever. it just comes naturally to her...