i need your help. a group of us were in cambridge england back in 1999 and besides taking along the necessities (clothes, toiletries, money) i packed one of my favorite things, my GQ magazine. so i packed away "the comedy issue" which GQ has not done since then, with mike meyers on the cover. little did i know that this specific issue would not only become my favorite issue to date, but that it would haunt me for the next seven years...

so inside are all of these jokes from different comedians, but there was one in particular that we could never understand, and this is where i need your help. here's the joke:

"The king of Sweden was out hunting in the woods with one of his assistants. As they looked around, suddenly there appeared in the clearing another man. The king raised his rifle. The man shouted, "I'm not a moose!" The king fired a shot and killed the man. Stunned, the assistant said, "Sire, he said, 'i'm not a moose!'" "Oh," said the king, "I thought he said , 'I am a moose.'"

so help... anyone?

Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf (right) poses with Sunita Narain and the Stockholm Water Prize diploma awarded to Narain at the Concert Hall in Stockholm on Thursday. — AFP photo)


Martini Night!!!

enjoying an andrew-tini

so after a long week of work and getting home and cleaning my room, what else is there left to do but drink?

with my dad gone to be assistant D.I. (dance instructor) with my uncle and with it being so hot, the only logical choice of something to do on a friday night was to have martini night with my mom!!! i made my special andrew-tini's and we chilled for a bit.

my mom is a bit of a light weight so i basically finished my andrew-tini and working on her's right now. we then spent the rest of the night looking for her missing tsinelas.

oh friday nights with the madre...