I was having pinkberry today with a friend on olympic and sawtelle, and my jaw dropped and my eyes got huge when i saw the world most famous hermaphrodite:


this is most likely an urban legend, but let's weigh the "facts" here:

1. her name, "jaime," is neither a male or female name. (hmmmmm....)
2. BOTH of her children are adopted, calling into question her ability to produce children (interesting...)
3. her short, manly hairstyle (sounding very plausible isn't it???)

but honestly none of these "facts" have been proven. they're all gossip and rumors. but don't you find it funny that most rumors are based in truth?! i'll leave it to you to decide. =)

DRESS CODES: How to Look Like a Grow-Up While Biking to Work

Read the NYTimes Article here.

one of my friends from high school facebooked this and i thought it was cool. definitely makes me want to ride a bike to a job. but doesn't this make you think why we don't have more a bike culture in la? there are some fundamental things that are halting a huge bike culture from emerging, namely we love our cars too much and that parts of the city aren't made for biking. why bike when you can get to places faster in your car, and there's parking everywhere? don't get me wrong, i love my car, but i think we're making small strides toward something that is beneficial not only our health but our environment. loft living in revitalized urban areas makes way for the opening of basic necessities (markets, restaurants...) that are within walking/biking distance. to be able to step out your front door, walk or bike to work, and them come home with groceries and the few sundries from the neighborhood market (can't you image the reusable bag filled with some leafy greens and a baguette?) is a dream that is slowly emerging in la, maybe in 15-20 years. also, with farmers markets emerging in cities everywhere, not only do you get access to fresh produce that is grown locally (which puts less carbon emissions into the air from delivery vehicles), they're located in places that are easily accessable to everybody. perfect for taking your bike out (with a basket!) or a walk with somebody. and with the food being so fresh most people only get what they need, so you're not carrying home cardboard boxes of food, only a few reusable bags! to find a local farmers market near you click here.

i'm going to stop while i'm ahead, and bust a lester and step off my soap box and put my two cents in the bucket.

BTW, earth day is coming up, APRIL 22. get more information here.


check this out. i'm sure most of you have seen this, but it's pretty inspirational...




Bravo's A-List ACTOR



the perfect day

yesterday couldn't have been more perfect...

a few weeks ago, i received an email from my favorite band, INCUBUS, saying that their new album MONUMENTS and MELODIES was coming out soon and that they were going on tour. also if i pre-ordered their cd (with 13 hits and 2 new tracks and a bonus disc of b-sides/rarities) you'd get a code for the presale. so no more than a minute later i as on the website ordering the cd and eagerly anticipating the code in my email.

flash forward to sunday april 5, 2009. check my email awaiting the code for the presale. it's not there. i figure, these concert things are usually a little late, so check again later in the afternoon and then in the evening. still no code. i'm worried. did i put the right city venue when i purchased the cd?! what email account did i use?!! (i have three, one which i'm trying to phase out and the others that i use for more "professional" correspondence and a "friend" email) was this whole presale thing some kind of scam that some hacker was using to get my money?!! you could say that i was A LITTLE stressed out. so i decide to email the preorder people and say, calmly an cooly "could you send the presale code, i have not recieved it" but i really wanted to say "GIVE ME THE CODE OR I"LL STARE YOU DOWN WITH MY CRAZY EYES AND EAT YOU!!" that night i didn't go to sleep till about 3am.

april 6, 2009. the day of the presale on the internet. i get up about 9:15, knowing that i have to go to the bank and then head out to downtown to pick up and elmo pinata, elmo balloons, and other party decoration for aiden's second birthday party (can you guess the theme?), have a little cereal and check my email. it was like the clouds parted, angels started singing "ALLELUIA" and a beam of light fell upon me and neil (my computer) and there it was... THE PRESALE CODE!! so i bought the tickets (HOORAY!), sent a copy of them to leia as a precautionary.

so i checked my email again and to my surprise they had sent me another code!!! i was so relieved that i did put the correct venue, i did use the correct email, the whole thing wasn't a scam and the concert people do respond!

but it doesn't end there. later that day i received their new single "black heart inertia," larnie got her new modality dvds (there were like a million dvds that got sent to her) and we finished up a lot of the things for tin and jeff's wedding. AND we had el pollo loco for dinner and then strawberry shortcake ice cream and drumsticks. perfection. =)


Song of the Day


Song of the Day


you have to check this out... incubus is just awesome... not only do they write great original songs that you can rock out to or just chill and lay back to, but one of the things that i look forward to in one of their shows is when they cover classics...

here they are with some band members from the police at KROQ's almost acoustic christmas in '04, doing some of your favorite police covers...

singing some lionel richie...

some classic madonna...

and "stand by me"

check out their site also: www.enjoyincubus.com


guilty pleasures...

reality shows are funny. you can say all whatever you want about them, how the concept of a show is lame, how the people are annoying, but once you start watching them (some of them, not all of them) you get hooked.

i've been watching the millionaire matchmaker, definitely a guilty pleasure amongst other things that i'd rather not say right now, and i can say that i'm definitely caught up on that show. patty, is refreshing, keeping it real with her clients. she told her latest client that his hair was too "bozo," as in the clown. and it really was. thank goodness that he got a haircut, not a great improvement, but better than looking like a bozo.

anyways, so at the beginning of this weeks episode, this guy named robbie love goes into the office. apparently he was an old client. i looked at him and started thinking to myself and then LIGHTBULB! i run into my room and pick up his CD. so you might be wondering why i have his cd... ROBBIE LOVE IS THE BIZZOMB!

yeah right, i got them free from somebody at gensler. she basically had a box full of them b/c she was going to host some sort of premiere party for him. RANDOM!

check it out... the vocal stylings of the ROLLER RAPPER!