maybe you don't watch SYTYCD, but Jeanine Mason won the title of AMERICA'S FAVORITE DANCER. she was recently on Regis and Kelly, but Ashton Kutcher was co-hosting.

you got kelly and jeanine, how could you go wrong? happy friday!!


i <3 architecture

this is a short film about one of the projects at SPF:a (Studio Pali Fekete Architects), an architecture firm in culver city that i used to intern for. the ideas of having music bridge people together and having the building become an experience are not new, but it's so interesting to see how designers and architects interpret that idea.

i am to say the least, inspired...

Sequencer from Studio Pali Fekete Architects on Vimeo.


i think we've got a WEINER!!!

it's a late night, probably b/c mando and jackie came over to the house and we ate at paco's with the parentals at like 10pm. i've been catching up with late night with jimmy fallon (specifically 7th floor west) and stumbled upon this. ENJOY! especially leia!!!

love hurts...

incubus on jimmy fallon!