the worst hangover EVER

old school... check out my puso shirt!

this past saturday was the annual PUSO directors dinner. it was supposed to happen at my house, but plans changed and we went to lala's in west hollywood and then to the bungalow club afterwards. everyone seemed to enjoy it and go a little taste of the la that i've grow to really love. everyone seemed to enjoy the argentine food and delicious sangria. it was nice to see a few familiar faces and meet some new ones.

i found that a lot of the traditions that we started back in the late 90's are still being continued, like all the traditional programs (the pre-health conference, medical mission gala...) i'm even more delighted to hear that they've started up new programs like a high school tutoring program with high schools. although some traditions have fallen to the way side (like PUSOgrams) i'm sure that they'll come back again.

i''m sure most of you know that the sangria at lala's is pretty good. between danny, danielle, rozanno, may and i, we had five carafes, and after that we went to the bungalow club where i proceeded to have a mojito, a cabernet, a raindrop martini, a grey goose cosmo, and another raindrop martini. and i didn't eat afterwards....

so this morning i payed for it... and i felt like this...

leia's favorite! airplane food!i'll eat it and all, but sometimes is just digusting...

and what makes it worse is that it so f'ing hot!!! i'm totally sweating right now...

the TOUGHEST week ever...

this is how if felt this week...

so this week has been pretty rough. i had to finish this model that i have been working on for the past month, plus on top of that one of my other supervisors was like "do these other models", and then like five seconds later he'd be like, "so now that you're doing that, you can do this too." i was getting so worked up that i wanted to scream!!! but that wouldn't have been a good idea with an open office plan and like 270 people in the office.

i was seriously getting annoyed, but then i started thinking about it. if i can't hang with all of this pressure, then what kind of architect am i going to be? architecture is a totally high stress job, and all of you probably on some level know i'm SOOO good at handling stress! lol. so i had to put a positive spin on this and start thinking that this whole experience is worth it and it is...

so with all of this going on, going to the getty villa on friday afternoon was SOO WORTH it. and plus it was on the company so even better!!! we wanted to be very environmentally friendly so we took the bus there, the metro 534. but we kinda lagged and we didn't get there till about 2:45 and were late for our tour. but the cool thing was that we were treated like VIP's. seriously. like we got shuttle service (which was out of a minivan, but it was still pretty cool) and we got those headset things too. they're actually pretty cool. i always thought they were kind of geeky, but not so much anymore. here are some shots from there...

the classic villa shot

part of the remodel... it's supposed to symbolize the sea that was adjacent to the villa papuri, which the getty villa is a duplication of

some of the cool thing that machado and silvetti did...

the best detail that i've seen there. you see how the railing starts of as wood, but then it transitions into the wall which then becomes the handrail... SPECTACULAR!!!

some witch looking lady... just for kicks...

it's a new cousin!

Boquirens are everywhere!!! she's the one to my right, not the weirdo over my left shoulder.

despite all of the stuff that's being said about myspace, friendster and facebook, or any sort of internet thing like that, i've happened to meet some amazing people on it. not everyone is a weirdo!

anyways so i just recently joined facebook and one day i was checking it and someone had written me a message. but the thing that tripped me out the most was that the person's last name was BOQUIREN! so after talking to her for a little bit, i found out that we're related! how awesome is that! i have a new cousin from texas!

so shara and i had dinner the on wednesday at the library alehouse in santa monica with katie and steve and she's totally a cool young woman. she's smart, graduated with chemical engineering from texas a&m and now she's working for a chemical company in texas. pretty amazing. she was in town collecting data from the phillips conoco plant over in wilmington (you know, gotham city just right off of the 405). very cool!

next time your in town shara let me know!

so long SWEET ANGEL!! my little s-6

larnie and leia have been on their road trip for the past week now and it's been pretty amazing... check out to see their adventures, if you haven't yet at


get ready for some road trip hilarity!!!

the product shots above are from c & o, where we went to lunch before they left. killer garlic rolls and pasta, excellent!!!

the family saying goodbye to their sweet angel! that name just sounds so
cheesy, i just had to use it...



28 has started off really exceeding my expectations. I was surrounded by an amazing group of people of family and friends who helped make the evening and this weekend very special. we dined on a fancy italian feast at dolce and then headed over to east/west lounge to close off the night drinking and enjoying conversation. i hope all of those who attended had a great time as i did.

the best part of it for me was that friends that i've made from all the different parts of my life, elementary school, undergrad, grad, coworkers, my family and signifigant others, came together and were able to enjoy each other's company. i always thought that i needed to keep these different facetes of my life separate, but now i know that i don't need too. this birthday was seriously the BEST!!!

until next year 07.07.07...
here are just a few pics

larnie and vic sippin' on some mojitos!

some of my favorite guests!!! jeff, tin, anna and jean

i think this picture of me and johnnie is so cute. we're doing a homecoming pose!

katie, david, steve and me, enjoying some drinks on the outdoor patio

this one is going on my wall... me and steve

jason and i hanging with our boys

fernie, me, lori and alex... these guy are great!

random thought for this birthday weekend. gloria estefans' "1-2-3" keeps running through my head. you know how it goes:
" 1-2-3-4 come on baby say you love me
5-6-7 times
8-9-10-11 I'm just gonna keep on counting
Until you are mine"

anyways, have a good one!


HAPPY 4th of JULY!

"C is for Cookie and it's good enough for me!" jenn, me, larnie, dad, mom, bambi carrying little matthew, vic and kit getting ready to eat the big 12" cookie!

today was great! i got to sleep in a little bit, my dad made spam (YUM!), watched the project runway marathon on bravo, caught up on the hills (steve and i have yet to show up, but i'm not holding my breath anymore, i'm sure we ended up on the cutting room floor, but i'm still hopeful that we didn't!). and then after that larns and i headed to the store to make 4th of july dinner! homemade burgers, tater tots, onion rings, skirt steak, complete with sangria and mojitos! it was awesome. and then to top it all off, one of my favorite things in the world, a big 12"...COOKIE with ice cream! so delicious... yummmm

but right before the cutting of the cookie occured we had to document the moment with a pciture in the kitchen. little matthew is all sleepy i his little yellow jumper. he's so cute now. he's learning to walk a little bit, well proping himself up, and making all of these really cute baby noises.

oh family...