kawawa naman!

here's my mom and aiden giving their best kawawa face... it's like they need flies on their faces and woman asking for donations to feed them...

merry chirstmas!

better late then never!

so it's been seriously forever since i've actually written something. i've been wanting to write something but things get in the way, work, going out, watching movies, you're too tired, the list goes on and on but i'm trying to.

anyways so at work i'm helping out on this project called camp emerald bay. it's boy scouts camp over on the northwestern tip of catalina island where boy scouts can earn merit badges and gain skill sets to help them survive and make themselves better people. we're doing a masterplan for them (basically laying out the camp's future, building wise, for the next 25 years) but also designing some pretty cool new camper cabins created from shipping containers and tensile fabrics and a dining pavilion. i would show pictures of those things, but i think it might be some sort of copyright infringement or something or i could get in trouble at work, but anyways, so i'm working on this thing and we get the opportunity to actually see the site and spend time there documenting.

anyways the trip was pretty awesome, we saw dophins race by the boat, i almost threw up, had to take a little motor boat to the camp that had a slow leak in it so a guy was pumping out water while we got to the dock, i canoed, saw sea lions or seals, went hiking, and all of this was funded by the boy scouts! all of our meals, transportation to and from the island and lodging were included. the funny thing was that the reason they a boat was going to the camp was to help close it for the season and i got to go there and just have a good time. this was definately one of the perks of my job, site visits!!!

so this is us packing our stuff on the little boat that had a leak...