hey look!


i'm not the fashion police or anything, but isn't this just ridiculous and absurd!? i guess it just points out the fact that everyone has lapses in judgement.


In spite of all of the crap that's been going on there's one person that knows how to cheer me up, even if he doesn't really know it...

you guessed it... MR. AIDEN RILEY BOQUIREN

the other day we were talking to alvin, minette and aiden showing us his great skills of repeating. he can say all of the normal stuff like "bob" (his little red dog) "baby" (and he'll point to where his new little brother or sister is) "ba-ba" (his milk), and some other stuff too. BUT the best word that he said was "ANDREW!" and it came out so naturally. this boy is going to be super smart!

now if i can only make him say UNCLE ANDREW, then we'll be set...