random fact #3: Crazy Robertson

this was a pretty amazing week for me... star sightingwise, well i'll call it starsighting. it's funny, if you keep your eyes open here you can see a whole bunch of celebrities/people who you see on tv/models.

so i'm at the gym heading out and who do i see walking in... and i see this model that's in all of these print ad for macy's and stuff. i guess it would be nice that i showed a picture, but i couldn't find a picture of him. and on ash wednesday i see brigette monahan at st. monica's. crazy!

but i think the sighting that caught me off guard was this:

i'm sure you've seen him dancing along robertson blvd. between third and doheny. John Jermyn, or more popularly called "Crazy Robertson," suffers from a form of schizophrenia and refuses to take medicine according to his sister. He grew up in Hancock Park, went to school at Pepperdine, and had a promising career in baseball. He had a short stint playing for the LA Dodgers. you can read more about him here.

the thing that caught me off guard was that i hadn't seen him in a long time and then there he was, popping and locking infront of a storefront window on robertson. i thought that something might have happened to him.


just for shits and giggles...

i was im'ing with cile today talking, talking about slumdog which lead to design. i was commenting on how i really liked the new advertising for ritz, how bauhaus it is. it's the colors and the way that the ritz box is drawn.

and then it just got silly...

click here for some fun with RITZ!
there are some pretty fun games on here


so i'm in santa monica...

on 3rd street, heading towards banana republic and all of a sudden i see the one, the only... LARRY DAVID. he was there with the curb your enthusiasm crew filming an episode. apparently they closed BR until about 3pm today to do some filming. i should have gone and asked for a picture, but i was all grubby, so i didn't. he looked surprisingly better in real person than he does on tv, but it could have been the makeup. anyways so i started thinking about all of my favorite episodes.

this one reminded me of the car ride up to mammoth when lester, cile, leia, fantone and we started talking about our "favorite" family on TLC, the Duggars (BOOO!). Read cile's post on Feb 9th to get the story.

and this one is just funny... one word... TOURETTES (my apolgies if you have it).


random fact #2: DOUGHBOYS

Doughboy is an outdated slang term for a United States Army infantryman, best known from its use in World War I, although it dates back to the Mexican-American War of 1846-48. (wikipedia)

The word has many different orgins, ranging from the food that these infantry men ate (fried dumplings which were possibly a precursor to our present day doughnuts) to the color of their clothing after being in the trenches.

But when I think of Doughboys, I always think of that place on 3rd Street, where I saw "L.C." when she was making the transition into being called "Lauren," that morning in December 2005. Unfortunately that location has closed, due to illegal zoning and complaints, and so has their new location on Highland Ave. You can read the story here.

Aside from thinking of that morning that gives me good nice memories about Doughboys, it was also the RED VELVET CAKE. It was probably where I had my first taste and where I fell in love with it, every moist, flavorful bite with a thick helping of cream cheese frosting.

The good news is that they are still selling it, maybe not the small little cakes that can satisfy an urge, but it's still around in 8" round, and 1/4, 1/2, and full sheets!



just for fun

random fact #1: SCOOTER

I was watching HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER last week, specifically the episode called "Something Borrowed," where Marshall and Lily have the not-so-perfect wedding, and the credits where rolling and then i see this name:

DAVID BURTKA as "Scooter"

i think to myself, why does that sound so familiar and then a split second later, LIGHTBULB! he's the boyfriend/partner of NEIL PATRICK HARRIS (aka Barney Stinson).

so here's the lowdown:
-NPH (dob: 6.15.73) and David (dob: 5.29.75) have been together since 2004.
-David has twins, through a surrogate, with his old boyfriend.
-According to Out Magazine interview (http://out.com/detail.asp?page=1&id=24000) Neil thinks that Anderson Cooper is "dreamy" (come on... who doesn't?!)
-David play "Scooter" in two HIMYM episodes "Best Prom Ever" (season 1) and "Something Borrowed" (season 2)

so sad...

the past two weeks have been tough, especially since my little 15" powerbook g4 (and funnily enough i haven't named, but let's call him... NEIL), which has gone with me to japan, europe, and to the east coast, seems to be slowly, dare i say it... the opposite of living.

he's shutting down randomly and can't handle multiple applications like he used to. granted he is almost 4 years old, which is pretty good in laptop years, and his battery only gave me about 10 minutes of battery life, but i've taken pretty good care of him. i've never dropped him (knock on wood) always kept him in his case when traveling, never put him in extreme temperatures, and if i did it was only for a few minutes. the few visits that we've had to the genius bar haven't been horrible, but hopefully he'll be able to make it till i finish my portfolio and then some after that...

but the upside is that i could get a new one, to help ease the pain of not seeing his big 15" screen.

i'm pulling for you NEIL!