it was my lucky day...

so last night i was going to cile's house b/c i wanted her to help me out with this slide show that i'm going to do. so i parked my car, and if you know me i totally parked super far, and proceeded to walk to her house. i didn't notice before, but there are a lack of streetlights. so as i was walking in the dark and calling cile, just to make sure she was home, i stepped on something that seemed to be the size of a softball, but squishy. so in my head i was like, "wow that's a huge ass grapefruit on the sidewalk." and at this point cile had answered the phone and i started to think about it more and was like, "dude... that must have been some dog shit!"

so once i got into the light near cile's house, my instinct was correct i had stepped on a huge ass grapefruit! SHEAH RIGHT, it was SHIT! and it was all over the bottom of my shoe. so i just left my shoes outside of cile's house and cleaned them off with her hose before i left.

i totally hate the smell of shit, especially dog shit. i don't mean to smell it, but when you're cleaning it, you totally get whiffs and to me it smells like really bad soy sauce. once this happens i my gag reflex kicks in and i'm totally ready to vomit.

but from what i can recall, stepping in dog shit, is actually LUCKY. yes, lucky. think about it... the world has a huge amount of space, enough space for billions of people to live on, build homes, create steets and walkways...and in the words my sister-in-law after she stuck her finger up my nose and it started to bleed at my cousin's wedding (that's another story for later), "WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!" of your foot meeting the poop of a random dog? pretty slim.

the same goes for a bird pooping on you. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES? it could poop where ever it want, but if it goes in the air and it lands on you, while you're walking, how lucky is that? i knew this girl that was in a car and she got pooped on! the poop went through the moon roof of the car she was in and it landed on her head! LUCKY!!

well, believe what you want, but i'd rather go around saying that i'm lucky, rather than being all sumangot saying i just stepped in dog shit...

but, if you have a dog, dude, clean up after it, no one is that lucky...


it's not a secret anymore...

but MANDO got MARRIED!! (yes married!!!)

but if you missed it, like a lot of people did b/c it was a very small and intimate gathering, you can watch it online!


put in mando's name and watch the whole ceremony, all 7 minutes of it!


congratulations monz and jackie and welcome to the family jackie!

LB and LC

alright, so i'll admit it, as much as i don't want to, but... i'm... i'm a...ffffffaaaaaaa... a FAN of laguna beach, the real oc.... dude, it just happened one night. and i didn't even mean for it to happen, but it did. this past summer, it must have been the season premeire of the second season, but they were showing all of the episodes from last season right before. and i just got hooked. and maybe it's my affinity towards blondes or something, but lauren/"lc" is probably my favorite. and in fajardo style i've got to say "she's sooo pretty!" i didn't really like stephen for leading her on, but he turned out to be a cool guy and i'm glad that jason got all hurt, the dumbass shouldn't have messed up the good thing he had... i don't get it what's his problem?

anyways so i was having breakfast this past tuesday on third street at this place called doughboys. i walk into the restaurant and there are people with walkie talkies on and there is a bounce facing this one table. i take a quick glance at the table and i'm like "no, it can't, that has to be some other girl." for one hot minute i thought it could have been, dude, LC. so i go outside and sit at a table, which is pretty much in front of where the blonde girl is sitting and i take a really long, and probably freakish stare and sure enough, my instincts were right, it was LC!!! i was so excited, but i had to contain myself, who wants to be around a drooling fan? if that was me i'd totally freak.

anyways, so since i've been out of the country and mtv overdrive has trouble working on macs, i've kinda lost touch with whats been going on. but i did find out that, dude, she's moving to la and going to school or something. that was probably old news, but wow. i have to say, "she's so pretty."
so the scene wraps up or whatever and this one lady comes up to us and goes, "it looks like you're in a couple of our shots so you've going to have to sign a waiver form so that we have your permission to use your face on the show." and that's where she told us about "the hills."

so when you guys watch that show, look out for the episode where lc is wearing a stripped, baby tee that's got a jackson pollack feel to it, and a short ass denim skirt and eating breakfast (i think she had strawberry pancakes with eggs over easy and fruit) with heidi (?), b/c you might see me in the background wearing a brown velvet blazer and a blue shirt and a baseball hat in the background. i'm sure i'll look like just a brown blob, or you won't even see me, but that's ME!!!
besides the attitude and bitchiness that i've witnessed in the few days that i've been back, this kinda makes up for it.

ohh i've missed la...

I'm BACK!!

and i'm still a jackass...

i was trying to get some sleep before i actually left for back home. i even though i had made good time b/c in my frantic rush to see if i needed to get a new bag i packed all my stuff two days before i left. pretty good huh? and i found i didn't!! yay! anyways so i kinda just chilled my las
t day. i kinda went out to get some money b/c i knew that my luggage was going to cost me extra, but it was a saturday so the bank was closed. and then i went to go eat my last meal at reata, the place that we've been going to for the past couple of months. dude, you get a whole meal (including the main dish, miso soup, and various pickeled vegetables) for 550 yen (which equals about $4/5, good huh?). but since i went by myself, i sat with these other people in the restaurant. at first is was a bit awkward, but then we started talking and i kinda busted a little bit of japanese and we were all friends. it was cool. then i went back and tried to get some rest. basically i didn't and so at about 2am, i got up from my bed, checked my bags again and took a shower. after getting ready, i talked to larnie and just shot the shit with her and she caught me up to all of the things that were going on at home. like how my neigbor had died and some other stuff. kinda bummed me out, but i was going home! so i said bye and looked out the window. and to my shock, and i don't even know why i reacted this way, but i was all "HOLY SHIT, it's SNOWING!!" i started to panic a little bit. was my flight going to be canceled, how was i going to get home? did i have too much luggage? all of these questions started flooding my mind and i was basically having a panic attack. so i started to lug my 3 suitcases of stuff down the spiral staircase in the dohokan. i was in my slippers taking down 2 80lb bags, and i almost pulled a muscle, but everything made it safe. so at 3:30am, my shuttle service came and picked me up (my flight was at 7am and it needed to pick up somebody else).

i started talking to the driver and he was asking me where i was going and i was like, "back to america" and he was like, "i have relatives there" and i'm all "where" and he's all "new york" and i'm all "cool" so i go "do you go snowboarding?" and he's all "hai!" and i'm all "cool" and then i fell asleep. the snow as kinda nice and it wasn't snowing at the kansai airport so i felt a sigh of relief.
anyways so i get to the kansai airport (by Renzo Piano, look it up, it's pretty cool) and i'm totally lost. i just woke up from my nap and after walking around for like 10 minutes and not seeing anybody in the airport, not even an information person , i start to totally freak. it was getting close to my flight and i didn't even know where i would have to board! so i was all telling myself to calm down and maybe if i go outside i'll see a sign to show me where to go. so i headed outside and after realizing that there wasn't anyother terminals i went back in, read another sign that said "domestic terminal: 3rd flo
or." i was actually going back to where i had landed (fukuoka) when i first arrived b/c that was there my flights were leaving from. sigh. but that wasn't the end of it. i went to go to the e-ticket machine, stuck in my atm card and it totally ate it!! as if things couldn't get worse. so i'm trying to stay calm and ask one of the flight attendants to help me. she totally opens the machine and takes out my card. whooo! and then i wipe the powis off of my forehead.

so the flight attendants can totally see that i'm stressing out and help me. i show them all my shit and they're really helpful. so i'm checking in my luggage and the flight attenedant at the counter is all telling me how i can save money by having the courier service take my bags to my destination for cheaper. and i'm all "are they going to get there when i get there?" and she like "no" and i'm all "well i'm going back to america today so i need my bags with me." (kinda busting attitude) and she's like "it'll take about two days" i'm all "i'm going back to america and i need to catch a connecting flight, i will pay for the extra baggage" and she's like "are you sure?" and i'm all "yes, i'll pay for it" so she scurries on and tells me how much i have to pay for the luggate that i'm hauling. it wasn't that bad. it was only about $200. which is fine. i thought i was going to have to pay about $500. but after getting my boarding pass and going through all of the security checks, i sit down and realize that i was such a totally and comple dick to this person that i didnt' even know. i guess kindnesstour: asian took a break for today...

so i board on my flight and say my first set of goodbyes to japan... i arrive in fukuoka on time but still need to get some cash. nothing is open so i walk around the airport with my million lbs. of luggage and explore the place a little bit. it looks pretty different in the light, as opposed to when i did see it at nighttime. so i'm waiting for the bank to open, and it does automatically, the security gates open and people rush in to use the atms. but i need to talk to a teller b/c i needed to exchanged my travelers checks for cash. so it never did open so i went back up to where my flight was going to leave and they basically tell me that i need to go to the other side of the airport. but thankfully i check in my baggage and tell me that it will arrive in la as planned. powis off of my brow... so i board my second flight and head to narita airport in tokyo. i think this time too i saw somebody throwing up. wait, i think that was in the karasuma-oike station back in kyoto. anyways but i think i did see someone thr
owing up. anyways so i get off of the plane and try to find my connecting flight, and one of the flight attendants basically says that i need to go on this bus to get to the other side of the airport. it's crazy so i'm rushing through and i still need to get some souvenirs and i ask her if i'm going to have time and she goes "maybe" and i'm like "great" but it's more important that i get on my plane then buy souvenirs. anyways so she's carrying one of my heavy bags and tells me where to go. something like this would never happen in america. a flight attendant who finds out where you have to go and carrys your bags. in la you'd probably get some bitchy lame-o who, with attitude says, "uh uh, you best go find yo'self a cart and take yo shit ova der! then you can ax somebody ova der... NEXT!"

so i board the flight, again, and it goes pretty smoothly. until this baby starts to cry and hitting the empty chair next to me. granted, it is an empty seat, but it's still connected to my seat so i can totally feel this kid, who is crying by the way too, kick the seat. so in my head, i was like "i'll give the kid a chance here and maybe he'll calm down." when that didn't happen, i siad to myself, i'll let the dad do it." that didn't happen. so finally i turn around, look at the kid and put my index finger to my mouth and go "shhh." that didn't work so i turn to te dad, and just give him a look and say "come on..." so the kid stops and i head back to sleep. but it's not over yet. i try to flag down a flight attendant to get a pen b/c all of my shit is in the over head compartment and the bitchy flight attenedant that i'm about to talk about was all "uh uh, don't open that, something might fall out and hit somebody!" and i was like i know! but fuck, there are like a million people doing it to and it's not like i was just going to open it all quickly and let shit fly out. what a bitch! anyways so i'm flaging down a flight attenedant and the bitchy one goes "i see you waving, but i'm not going to help you and hides in the food prep place. luckily, there was another flight attendant who apologized for that bitch and helped me out. anyways there was another bitchy flight attenedant, but whatever, don't need to spend my time on her.

after going through customs and another agricultural check (i didn't even bring any fruit!) i was ready to call my parents to tell them to pick me up. it's just easier to do it that way for our family. since culver city isn't that far, having to pay for parking just seems ridiculous. anyways so i got my back and to my surprise i saw my dad!!! it was one of the best things ever. it was so nice to see my dad! and totally gave him a hug and then i saw my mom and gave her a hug too. what a great way to land in la...

it's nice to be back...