i had the tv turned on for background noise and friends came on. i forget how funny that show is. definitely a classic. i caught the episode where monica and chandler get married but forgot about this scene. it really caught me off guard. i was rollin'!

elliiot gould and christina pickles are pretty funny.

here are some more DANCING scenes. fat monica is the best!


headshake eyeroll...

this girl must have been new, but while i was waiting for my order at titos tacos, and she goes to the cashier and goes:


(this is where i did the headshake eyeroll)

i should have said (just like ted mosby), "Lame girl, come on..." (she would have looked at me and then i would have said again) "...come on..."

drinking the haterade...



the newest addition to the BOQUIREN CLAN:

March 18, 2009
6.3 lbs
19 inches

he's ready to do some dancing just like his grandparents and parents! this is what he looked like on saturday, he was only about 24 hours old, but i'm sure he's going to look very different the next time i see him! and did you see all of that hair?! he's a boquiren (he's got his daddy's hair). and his appetite? he eats a whole meal in 15 minutes... DEFINITELY a boquiren!

The Grandparents and their Grandchildren (Tita Agnes, Mom, Dad and Uncle Tony)

The Boquirens of Las Vegas (Alvin, Aiden, Minette and baby Miles in the foreground

BROTHERS! can't you just hear Miles calling Aiden "Kuya"? Definitely one of my favorites of the weekend.


Q: On an episode of Punky Brewster...

Linda the "idiot savant", was made fun of for playing what?

A: A spray bottle and a feather duster (and pretending it was a violin).

answered correctly by Mr. James Landas. You're 2 for 2! and the lesson of this? james put it best: "Lesson learned: Don’t judge a book by its cover!"

allen is such a jackass

so what is savant syndrome? according to wikipedia:

Savant syndrome—sometimes abbreviated as savantism—is not a recognized medical diagnosis, but researcher Darold Treffert defines it as a rare condition in which persons with developmental disorders (including autism spectrum disorders) have one or more areas of expertise, ability or brilliance that are in contrast with the individual's overall limitations.[1] Treffert says the condition can be genetic, but can also be acquired,[1] and coexists with other developmental disabilities "such as mental retardation or brain injury or disease that occurs before (pre-natal) during (peri-natal) or after birth (post-natal), or even later in childhood or adult life."[1]

According to Treffert, about half of persons with savant syndrome have autistic disorder, while the other half have another developmental disability, mental retardation, brain injury or disease. He says, "... not all savants are autistic, and not all autistic persons are savants."[1] Other researchers state that autistic traits and savant skills may be linked,[2] or have challenged some earlier conclusions about savant syndrome as "hearsay, uncorroborated by independent scrutiny".[3]


Surf dudes with attitude...


i can remember waking up early on saturdays, after we ate our corned beef with eggs that our dad made, to watch the line up of cheesy, but addicting shows, like saved by the bell and of course, CALIFORNIA DREAMS. i think i was actually the only one to watch these shows. no one else really watched them with me, or if they did they'd want to change it. i guess i really like how they incorporated acting and singing into a show. granted, some of the songs were cheesy, but it was fun.

the saddest part of the show for me was when jenny (heidi noelle lenhart), the older sister left the show to attend a music academy in france, after that most of that family left. the parents, the little brother, and then matt. i guess their story wasn't that interesting. anyways, she was kind of sassy, but she could actually sing. you also might know her from her AU PAIR movies, where she plays a nanny but ends up marrying the father of the kids she's the nanny for. (fyi, b/c i know you all are so into it, AU PAIR 3 premieres on ABC family on march 15, 8pm.)

anyways, speaking of california dreams, i really liked the story line where sly (slyvester winkle) gets together with a blind girl named allison (nikki cox, pre-boob job). they were trying to show how such a self invovled guy could actually change for someone he really loved. kinda sweet, kinda sappy, but very good for teenage drama. but here's the kicker: they met chatting ONLINE! this show was so ahead of its time!

here's a clip:

speaking of nikki cox, i was at church and saw her and jay mohr (from gary unmarried). they left after communion. i guess they didn't want the rush of fans bombarding them after mass.

anyways, california dreams comes out on dvd this month! EXCITING!!!


what are you doing this weekend?!

well atleast for a couple of hours. here's a fun little activity to do at home, or at work, or before going to a costume party, or even before going out to complete your ensemble...


here's what you'll need:

- #6 plastic (look for it at the bottom of your favorite thai food place to-go containers (hint hint: thai thai bbq) or a ralph's muffin plastic container)
-sand paper (grit doesn't really matter, you'll just need to rough up the surface)
-colored pencils, permanent markers
-hole puncher
-a blow dryer, or an over (set not more than 200 degree, higher temperature is better, just make sure you don't burn down your house), or a heat gun

or just watch this video:

have a great weekend!

anyone want to do a mini moustache photo shoot?! i think all we need now is aloha shirts, OP cord shorts, and a red ferrari...