after hearing about all the emmy nominations and wins i kind of checked it out ondemand. wasn't totally into it, but i was intrigued. so i was at leia house just a few months ago and she gave me season one and i literally finished it in a day. i got the rest of the season from her and told myself that i should pace it out. so as a reward for myself i would just watch one episode a day. i knew that i was totally hooked when i looked forward to watching an episode with my breakfast. it has to be the costumes, the characters and especially the stories.

with the season finale tonight, i don't know how i'm going to fill my monday mornings when i get that message from itunes saying that i have a new episode to download. i guess i'll have to fill it with old episodes and read the blogs.

here's a video that brian williams' daughter, allison put together with the mad men theme song (by RJD2) and nature boy (by nat king cole). not bad.



yesterday was an awesome day for some star sightings in silverlake. leia and i were hanging out, pashalling around some of the stores in her hood. we stopped by intelligensia to grab a hot beverage. they have these really AMAZING oatmeal cookies filled with buttercream. so GOOD. if you love butter, you'll love these. anyways so you know we were minding our own business when we first see MAE WHITMAN from parenthood and arrested development. THEN WILL McCORMACK who played ethan on brothers and sisters. THEN we see DANNY PUDI from community or maybe you saw him on a verizon commercial butt dailing. THEN we see JESSE TYLER FERGUSON from modern family!

what a day.

we're driving, and we don't see anymore people, but we hear this awesome song called "forget you" by ceelo green. leia tells me that it's actually called "F**K YOU." check it out. kinda makes you want to dance doesn't it?



it's been some time since i've been at gensler, but this is one project that i worked on while it was there. it's a new cabin type that is going to be used at the boy scouts camp in catalina.

it's made from two shipping containers with a stretched fabric roof. the design has been refined since i last worked on it, but it still gets it's point across, sustainability.

read more about it here.