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i can remember waking up early on saturdays, after we ate our corned beef with eggs that our dad made, to watch the line up of cheesy, but addicting shows, like saved by the bell and of course, CALIFORNIA DREAMS. i think i was actually the only one to watch these shows. no one else really watched them with me, or if they did they'd want to change it. i guess i really like how they incorporated acting and singing into a show. granted, some of the songs were cheesy, but it was fun.

the saddest part of the show for me was when jenny (heidi noelle lenhart), the older sister left the show to attend a music academy in france, after that most of that family left. the parents, the little brother, and then matt. i guess their story wasn't that interesting. anyways, she was kind of sassy, but she could actually sing. you also might know her from her AU PAIR movies, where she plays a nanny but ends up marrying the father of the kids she's the nanny for. (fyi, b/c i know you all are so into it, AU PAIR 3 premieres on ABC family on march 15, 8pm.)

anyways, speaking of california dreams, i really liked the story line where sly (slyvester winkle) gets together with a blind girl named allison (nikki cox, pre-boob job). they were trying to show how such a self invovled guy could actually change for someone he really loved. kinda sweet, kinda sappy, but very good for teenage drama. but here's the kicker: they met chatting ONLINE! this show was so ahead of its time!

here's a clip:

speaking of nikki cox, i was at church and saw her and jay mohr (from gary unmarried). they left after communion. i guess they didn't want the rush of fans bombarding them after mass.

anyways, california dreams comes out on dvd this month! EXCITING!!!


lissa said...

I'm a little surprised that Nikki Cox is Catholic.