after hearing about all the emmy nominations and wins i kind of checked it out ondemand. wasn't totally into it, but i was intrigued. so i was at leia house just a few months ago and she gave me season one and i literally finished it in a day. i got the rest of the season from her and told myself that i should pace it out. so as a reward for myself i would just watch one episode a day. i knew that i was totally hooked when i looked forward to watching an episode with my breakfast. it has to be the costumes, the characters and especially the stories.

with the season finale tonight, i don't know how i'm going to fill my monday mornings when i get that message from itunes saying that i have a new episode to download. i guess i'll have to fill it with old episodes and read the blogs.

here's a video that brian williams' daughter, allison put together with the mad men theme song (by RJD2) and nature boy (by nat king cole). not bad.